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About PixelPlex

Aimed to become a leader of change, PixelPlex has been pioneering digital transformation by crafting innovative experiences for a progress-first tomorrow. There’s no underlying magic in what we do — we just nurture our entrepreneurial spirit and deliver at our best.
The PixelPlex team during the summer corporate event
The PixelPlex team during the summer corporate event
The PixelPlex team during the summer corporate event

We at PixelPlex see our mission in adjusting your business to the Web 3.0 era we approach. Alongside helping you find new opportunities in technology, we’re looking to lay the groundwork for full-blown digital economies on a global scale.

Values we stand for as your partner

We aspire to stay true to our ethical and professional frameworks that support our activities at all times. The PixelPlex team focuses on flexibility to achieve unquestionable results and build long-term relationships with clients.

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    Striving for your success

    We are doers, not promisers. To deliver the best solution, either customised or out-of-the-box, we passionately dig in to help you easily reach sophisticated business objectives.

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    Technologically agnostic

    As your partner in IT strategy consulting, engineering, design, and beyond, PixelPlex endeavours to employ any tech stacks to build reliable, fit-for-purpose solutions.

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    Partner, not just a vendor

    We care for each project as if it were our own initiative, meaning you get a single point-of-contact or a dedicated extension of your team averaging 15-years expertise.

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    Initiative & transparent

    Always making realistic commitments, we do what it takes to go above and beyond. We are supportive, yet never miss a chance to drive more value for both the clients and their customers.

History behind the PixelPlex brand

Began as a vision for the future, PixelPlex has expanded into global-scale markets and locations. We’ve been continuously encouraging innovation, and today we celebrate the achievements of hundreds of our clients. To cut the “path to success” speech short, we’ve collected some major milestones.

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We started a London-based PixelPlex LTD, delivered a teleHealth app tackling pandemic calls, brought in blockchain consulting, eco-friendly initiatives, and educational YouTube.

Awards adding to our fair leadership

Our accolades stem from our passionate work. Being straightforward to partner with, we pursue gaining great heights and pride ourselves on reaching them. See the honoured titles that help us hold on to our stripes of a reliable tech provider and IT strategy advisor.

Achievements driving us to dream big

  • 15

    years of award-winning expertise

  • 100+

    highly-incentivised talents

  • 450+

    cross-discipline success stories

  • 5

    office locations across the globe

  • 2

    unicorn projects in our portfolio

Start a better future for your business

  • Submit a collaboration request

    The development team during the work process
    The development team during the work process

    We are big enough to tackle any challenge, and down-to-earth enough to make every project a priority. Ask for a consulting session and make sure that agility is in our blood.

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    The development team during the work process
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    The blockchain developer in a meeting
    The blockchain developer in a meeting

    The PixelPlex team is fun to work with. We take action to inspire, and provide opportunities for creative minds, innovators, and problem-solvers.

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    The blockchain developer in a meeting

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