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Boost your business performance by leveraging clear strategic insights
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PixelPlex can boast a decade of successful business coaching and consulting. We’ve been the missing part of the puzzle for a lot of organisations, helping them to overcome struggles and sharing success in a variety of industries. Let’s build a strategy to drive real business value.

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A team of business consultants discussing the project

Let’s set a bright future for your company

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    Create a plan for growth

    Growth is one of the key markers of a successful business, so a thought-out development plan is a must. Our team will readily assist you with valuable insights on how to use new technologies to their full potential and expand into new markets. We will do our best to secure the future of your business by improving your customer experience and making sure you are fully-prepared to meet the emerging trends that define your industry.

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    Become more flexible and agile

    We are constantly monitoring new tech trends and advancements to be able to suggest solutions tailored ideally for your business needs. Our specialists will identify pain points and areas for improvement in your existing business processes and recommend solutions that will allow you to streamline your workflow while achieving flexibility and agility.

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    Make an impact through innovation

    We want to make you a forerunner in your industry by embracing the tech your competitors haven’t even thought of yet. Our consultants always monitor the latest technology trends and will help you choose and implement the tools that are most beneficial for your business. Accompanied by innovative solutions and the right business model and development plan, you will make a real impact in your industry.

Our services meet your business needs

Three people working in front of a laptop
Three people working in front of a laptop
Three people working in front of a laptop
  • IT consulting

    We work together with you to build and implement a digital strategy, give an overview of the risks and benefits of new tech and deliver recommendations on the most optimal tech stack that suits your specific business needs.

  • Digital transformation consulting

    Drawing on our expertise with such flagship technologies as blockchain, AI, IoT, AR/VR, and big data, we can effectively digitise your business to maximise its efficiency while minimising costs.

  • Enterprise software consulting

    We help large companies and corporations build enterprise-grade solutions that meet their business needs. We will document your pain points, prioritise your business goals and align them with technology solutions.

  • IT strategy

    By implementing game-changing technologies and altering the workflow, we will help you work out a clear and concise digital transformation strategy that will turn your business into a top-notch tech player.

  • Productivity improvement

    We can help you upgrade outdated patterns and streamline workflows to achieve best performance results, reduce the workload and manual tasks, automate repetitive processes, and achieve consistency across the company.

  • Market research and competitor analysis

    Our experts can conduct in-depth analysis of the market and your competitors and extract insights that will help you be a step further in the competition and secure successful and smooth development in the industry.

  • Dedicated IT consulting services

    We can assist you with any aspect of your digital strategy: infrastructure management, budgeting, security consulting and risk audit, accessibility adjustment — rest assured that we will handle everything with utmost precision.

Need to optimise your business workflows?

Cross-industry consulting expertise

A medical expert monitoring a patient's health condition on a tablet
A medical expert monitoring a patient's health condition on a tablet
A medical expert monitoring a patient's health condition on a tablet
A medical expert monitoring a patient's health condition on a tablet


Our team can help you design and build an innovative healthcare solution that will leverage such ground-breaking technologies as blockchain, AR/VR, AI, cloud computing, etc., to make sure it is 100% reliable and efficient. This can be anything from mobile apps for doctors or patients, healthcare analytics solutions or medical equipment management systems.

Let us help your business thrive

In the course of 15 years in commercial development and consulting, we acquired solid experience across various spheres and worked with multiple technologies. We aim for complete transparency, offering straightforward and practical advice built on our knowledge of industry-specific case studies.

We set a high value on our reputation and do everything to prove ourselves worthy of our clients’ trust. To date, we can boast 450 successful projects and many grateful reviews that motivate us to become better and offer more sophisticated services.

The focus of our work is on long-term and sustainable solutions rather than seeking a short-term impact that trades off against lasting success. We achieve this with a forward-thinking team who benefits from cross-industry experience and uses a wide range of tech. We work without borders, taking our projects and clients seriously, which is why our practice complies with international standards.

Find out how our business consulting services could help


  • What is a business consultant?

    A business consultant is an expert who guides you in your digital transformation journey and helps implement the most beneficial solutions set to enhance efficiency of your business processes.

  • What does a business consultant do?

    A business consultant makes a thorough analysis of your business and evaluates all the processes to find your strengths and weaknesses. Then, they present you a clear list of tech solutions your business needs to embrace to boost the workflow, eliminate risks, and enhance the overall performance.

  • How do I find a business consultant?

    Finding the right consultant may be a challenge. You should seek a passionate and experienced team with an eye for organisation and detail. Check the testimonials to make sure their clients are satisfied with the services and don’t be afraid to ask direct questions to be certain they’re a good fit.

  • What is the typical background for a consultant?

    It’s important that your consultant has a solid experience across a variety of industries. They should be well-versed in novel technologies and trends and understand all the business processes in detail. There are also cross-industry skills, such as prediction and accurate processing of feedback, that are of great importance for a professional business consultant.

  • How do you measure the ROI of a business consultant?

    To effectively measure the value of a business consultant’s work, you should clearly state the goals of the cooperation and outline what results you want to achieve. Set clear KPIs —- this way the consultant will fully understand their responsibility and you will be able to track the progress much more efficiently.

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