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Four people providing enterprise consulting services

For over a decade, we’ve helped hundreds of clients excel in their fields, and our insight may be the missing part of your puzzle. Let see how we can share our expertise with you.

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Four people providing enterprise consulting services

Advance with enterprise IT consulting

A person pitching the project in front of a team
A person pitching the project in front of a team
A person pitching the project in front of a team
  • Grow your earned and contributed revenue

    Enterprise consulting offers strategic insights that help meet the challenges of your industry and position you for future growth. Our combination of real-world experience and cutting-edge technical expertise helps us provide practical advice and actionable plans. While our overview is detailed, our approach is simple – customer engagement, good business practice and efficient technology use leads to increased revenue. We’ll offer simple, data-driven changes that will save time and money and help grow your business without over-complicating your day.

  • Change, transform, innovate, scale

    Any modern business relies on technology and we are on the edge of a significant shift in the technological landscape through the growth of artificial intelligence, blockchain and the rise of omnichannel commerce. Change brings opportunities for innovation and transformation. Your business can join in the unprecedented growth that comes as the technological horizon continues to change and our professional consulting can ensure you won’t outgrow your software and technological resources, leaving you primed for success.

  • Support your team with external insight

    With our help, you can be greater than the sum of your parts. Our services aim to adapt and meet the needs of your organisation, whether that means becoming the missing piece of the puzzle or the catalyst that builds your efficiency. We base our advice and insight on lessons we have learned from working in multiple industries and offer clear, actionable solutions and plans. We can provide either training for entire departments, or focussed coaching for your executive team, but either way our approach is bespoke and specific to your needs.

  • Increase your productivity and capacity

    Our work is aimed to increase your efficiency and growth, so that you can take advantage of new and expanding markets. We assess your current enterprise technology through performance testing and ensure that your hardware and software meet the demands of your industry. Technology is constantly improving, no more so than in business, so we examine whether there are ways to optimise your technology and deliver more for less. This will improve your daily business operations, leaving you in the right position for growth.

  • Reduce exposure to risk

    No-one can be certain of the future in the rapidly changing world of business, so risk management is a vital part of all forward planning. Our risk management consultancy starts with a current state and gap analysis to fully understand your position and where you need to be. We apply careful risk identification and assessment criteria to analyse and evaluate the factors that will affect performance moving forward. Digital security is more important than ever and, as part of our enterprise security consulting, our analysis also covers a complete overview of your cyber security.

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Our enterprise expertise

A medical worker writing a prescription
A medical worker writing a prescription
A medical worker writing a prescription
A medical worker writing a prescription


Healthcare is politically and structurally vital to a country and the financial viability of a system so complex is often difficult to achieve. We can bring experience and insight from a variety of industries, employing technical skills to improve the business practices that support clinical outcomes.

  • Drug provenance tracking
  • Healthcare data storage
  • Control apps for emergencies
  • Appointment booking
  • Digital patient experience

Get insight on what your business is missing

Why our clients come to us

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    15 years of experience

    We’ve helped others adapt and excel through the economic challenges and technological change of the last 14 years. We’ve watched clients in a wide range of industries succeed through our advice, and learned from their experience. The result is a comprehensive picture of how data insights and in-depth strategic planning can push a business forward.

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    Over 100 in-house team members

    We are only able to do what we do thanks to the wide experience of our team. Not only do we bring expertise from a wide range of industries but also language skills and cultural expertise that can offer unique insight. Together, we believe that where our talent can take us is more important than where we’re from.

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    Consulting with development from the ground up

    Our work ranges from enterprise consulting up to full development. This means we don’t just offer strategic analysis with actionable outcomes, we can also be the team who takes your idea from skeleton to successful project. Regardless of how involved we are, we always provide an understanding of emerging trends and expertise in the future technologies that will become game-changers.

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    450 already-developed projects

    Every project we complete is different and requires bespoke solutions. This means we have a catalogue of projects behind us that have taught us to adapt and stay agile, and given us opportunity to learn about the challenges each industry faces throughout changing times.

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    Our knowledge becomes our clients’ success

    We have helped hundreds of clients react successfully to the shifting sand of their industries. The insights we gain from each project inform the strategic approaches of the next, helping our clients benefit from experience.

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    We are always in motion and keep on working

    The key to our work is agility. Our strategic insights are not just designed to solve a problem but also to leave you in a position to adapt to uncertainty. With our help, your focus can shift from reacting to the whims of the market to being well-adapted to the current environment while preparing for future trends.

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