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PixelPlex UK STO Consulting Services

Security Token (STO) projects are highly rewarding for businesses, bringing in investment, unlocking capital, and stimulating growth. We can help you with everything from planning your STO strategy to developing your token model and ecosystem.

PixelPlex UK STO Consulting Services

Why do companies need security tokens?

The rate of digital transformation is accelerating around the world, as more and more businesses look for digital solutions to facilitate investment, growth, and operational optimization.

The benefit of security tokens for investors is that they are backed by assets, which means they maintain a fairly stable market price compared to cryptocurrency coins which can be volatile.

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    Expand your reach to new investors

    Implementing tokenization in the form of STOs opens up a whole new pool of investors around the globe.

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    Increase control over your business

    Decentralized private equity funding through tokenization cuts out reliance on banks and venture capitalists.

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    Boost community growth

    Tokenization helps you to build a valuable business community network and leverage it for business growth and increased liquidity.

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    Gain secondary markets

    Tokenization gives you a secondary opportunity to secure investment through the trading of previously issued tokens.

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    Enhance customer engagement

    Offering security token crypto gives your loyal and new customers the opportunity to invest and facilitate growth.

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    Manage investors with ease

    Tokenization means you can manage investor paperwork, payments, and communication in one simple platform.

STO consulting and development services

  • STO consulting and strategy

    From business case analysis to strategy, blockchain protocol selection, and economic modeling — PixelPlex assists with ideation and planning. We’ll keep our focus on banking and investor relations, KYC/AML, and industry-specific regulations.

  • Security token offering development

    Creating and launching an STO platform is a highly specialist and technical task. We have tokenomics experts and developers ready and waiting to help you launch your token offering and make it a success.

  • Marketing website creation

    Our website developers and STO marketing team will collaborate and apply best practices to create a marketing website that stands out from the crowd. The STO marketing website will be written, designed, and optimized to appeal to your target market.

  • Whitepaper development

    A well-written and well-designed whitepaper is essential to the success of any token launch. We have highly experienced technical writers, copywriters, and graphic designers on hand to produce an informative and persuasive whitepaper.

  • STO ecosystem development

    Getting investors to buy into your security token offering relies on a functional token platform and a well-designed ecosystem that works flawlessly. Our developers are experienced and skilled at building blockchain-based token ecosystems.

  • Technical support services

    Launching, running, and maintaining a security token platform requires specialist technical skills. We can provide a team of blockchain and security token expert developers to provide around the clock technical support.

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What type of businesses need STO consulting?

  • Companies

    With our help, you can create a security token offering that will help you to raise capital from global investors and gain liquidity. We can also help you set up blockchain-based smart contracts to facilitate business deals and transactions.

  • STO Investors

    Investing in security tokens can be time-consuming and complex, which can make it difficult to do sufficient research and perform due diligence. Our team of experts will help you to find the best opportunities, carry out all the necessary checks, and make the best possible decisions.

  • Brokers

    If you are a security token broker, or planning to become one, you may need expert support from time to time, especially when business gets busy. We can help you lighten the load by providing expert consulting services and security token service.

Asset tokenization for verticals

The view of tokenized real estate

Real estate

Boost liquidity and increase your investor pool with easily accessible fractionalized property deals, reduced transaction costs, and lower risks.

How does STO tokenization work for your business?

  • 1. Asset selection

    Choosing the correct assets to tokenize is one of the most important steps. Our expert strategists will look through your asset portfolio, whether it is real estate, valuable goods, intellectual property, art, or others, and create a valid strategy to realize their value in a tokenized form.

  • 2. Tokenization modeling

    After requirements and strategic analysis, we will create a tokenization model that is perfectly suited to your business and achieves your objectives. Our team will assist in choosing a representation model (from asset-backed to stablecoin), financial modeling, and outlining the compliance landscape.

  • 3. Technical study

    Our team will plan and design a scalable STO platform and infrastructure, including all external integrations, such as KYC/AML providers, custodies, and payment gateways. We will also recommend a suitable blockchain protocol for your specific solution and requirements as well as prepare token technical specifications.

  • 4. Operational costs & whitepaper map

    Resource breakdown and STO launch are a crucial project milestone. We provide analytics and marketing experts, define investor engagement strategies, and summarize STO objectives. Expect a whitepaper outlining product and domain overview, business aspects, technical roadmap, and plan of your STO campaign.

  • 5. MVP development

    Once the strategy and STO marketing is in place, we will begin to develop a minimum viable product (MVP) and start building your token ecosystem. Our developers will set up and customize the blockchain, go on with application or platform engineering, develop smart contracts, and integrate third-party solutions.

  • 6. Improvements & continuous tech support

    The process will continue with support every step of the way. Our team will analyze and optimize your ecosystem, providing specialist technical support when needed. As soon as optimization opportunities are identified, our developers will be available to add functionality or features to the platform or token model.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is an STO (Security Token Offering)?

    An STO is a recent innovation in the world of business and investments that offers a viable alternative to venture capital, bank loans, IPOs and ICOs.

    Security token offers investors (known as token holders) the chance to buy tokens that are backed by assets, which means that they maintain a relatively fixed market price, unlike cryptocurrency which can fluctuate wildly.

  • What types of security tokens are there?

    There are several types of security tokens:

    Equity tokens
    Equity tokens are a digital representation of company stocks that are stored on the blockchain for added security.

    Debt tokens
    Debt tokens represent a promise yo pay future profits or accrued assets to token holders when they become available

    Reserve assets tokens

    Reserve assets ate tangible assets such as property, land, gold, and other precious metals. Reserve assets STOs share ownership of these assets with investors.

    Utility tokens

    Utility tokens are used for the funding of business projects and can often be used in the ecosystem to buy certain products or services.

  • What are the benefits of security tokens?

    Security tokens help businesses to secure more investment, increase liquidity, and apply smart contracts to financial transactions. STOs also help you to build a community around your business by creating a blockchain-based ecosystem.

  • How can PixelPlex help my business?

    Our comprehensive security token service will help you at every stage of your journey from planning the STO strategy and marketing it right through to developing and launching your token ecosystem.

  • How does PixelPlex guarantee security and confidentiality?

    We will sign a non-disclosure agreement so that you can be assured that none of your business details or sensitive information will be revealed.

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