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Bring Web3 innovation to your business
Blockchain consulting

We help your business stay ahead of the competition with the power of a decentralised ledger. Once you entrust your blockchain onboarding and integration with us, you will avoid all the research and development pitfalls and ensure you’re ahead of the curve.

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Blockchain consulting

What we do

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    We rely on our dedicated expertise to help you understand new ideas in the blockchain domain, investigate its potential within your industry, and run an analysis to ensure that your blockchain application is up to the mark.

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    Our blockchain consulting team work hand in hand to enable you to break tech barriers, define your transformation, and provide you with everything you need to generate real business value.

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    From the initial discussion to the delivery of a competitive and high-performing blockchain solution, we bring together senior development leaders to guarantee the success of your project.

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    Given that blockchain is an advanced technology requiring specialist knowledge, we offer professional training and educational workshops on both business and technical aspects of the technology with a focus on concrete case studies.

Blockchain consulting services

By making use of our blockchain consulting services, you will manage to expand and innovate with the cutting-edge technology, grow your bottom lines, and outrun your competitors.

A person in a white shirt performs business case consultancy
A person in a white shirt performs business case consultancy
A person in a white shirt performs business case consultancy
  • Business case consultancy

    We assess your needs and goals to understand the best use of blockchain and how it applies to your business processes. We’ll analyse your specifics, discuss strategies, and offer a concrete roadmap to drive the growth of your organisation.

  • Technical consultancy

    Our experience with international blockchain consulting means we can advise you on the technical subjects that make a project successful.

    At a planning stage, we can advise you on project tokenomics and chain functionality such as smart contracts and NFTs.

    Our dream-team of blockchain developers will delve into details including suitable tech stacks and coding language requirements, then put all the work together into an actionable development plan.

  • FinTech consultancy

    We can advise you how to create a unique cryptocurrency ecosystem from scratch, or transform your existing financial solutions.

    With our help, you can tokenize traditional financial instruments, find new ways to manage client portfolios, and draw on new forms of liquidity and investment. All your services can be integrated into a cutting-edge payment system with secure wallet applications and scalable exchange services.

What we deliver

We provide the insight you need to make your project a reality. As a blockchain consultancy, our input isn’t just about providing use case examples, we offer detailed technical analysis that represents a unique solution for your business.

Our advisory includes, but is not limited to:

A team developing strategy for a blockchain project

Blockchain strategy

We help build a robust, real-life solution from your project ideas. To make this happen, we assess your aims to ensure a project aligns with your stated goals, scrutinise planning for financial and technical viability, and then produce a detailed and practical roadmap.

Get ahead of competition

The benefits of blockchain development

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    Greater transparency

    Blockchain represents the first iteration of a fully functional distributed ledger, offering complete transparency among users without the need for a trusted third party.

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    Improved security

    Data and applications operate on a network of computers with no single point of failure. A secure validation mechanism makes it extremely hard for anyone to use the network maliciously.

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    Increased efficiency

    The use of a single ledger means greater efficiency in data management. All parties work off a single, secure public record which creates a streamlined system that users can trust.

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    Decentralised collaboration

    A decentralised ledger operates without borders, meaning that participants can collaborate regardless of their geographical location. Transactions are recorded throughout a shared network, rather than in a single location with security provided by cryptography.

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    Reduced costs

    Blockchain is often referred to as a ‘trustless’ solution, which implies that a network will not require an intermediary for permissions and security. This, consequently, reduces network running costs including hosting and ongoing supervision.

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    Faster speed

    Paper records are inefficient and prone to error. A functioning blockchain represents a record that is smart, efficient, and automated. This will substantially minimise clutter while enhancing the overall speed and security.

Cross-industry blockchain consulting

A scientist in a lab performing a research
A scientist in a lab performing a research
A scientist in a lab performing a research
A scientist in a lab performing a research


Privacy is of utmost importance to the healthcare industry for both patient records and research. Blockchain-powered smart contracts can provide privacy better than any current technology through enhanced security and encryption.
Importantly, blockchain ensures better supply-chain tracking and more reliable healthcare insurance data storage.

  • Drug supply-chain and provenance tracking
  • Data storage systems for healthcare records and research
  • Emergency control applications
  • Health data management systems
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PixelPlex blockchain consulting process

Our workflow has evolved through our involvement in countless successful projects. Though each of them is unique, we practice a well-established unified approach consisting of the following stages:

  • 1. Research & analysis

    We listen to your aims carefully and then get down to researching the market landscape. This lets us provide profound insight for infrastructure solutions and initiatives, and start your project on the right footing.

  • 2. Feasibility study & business processes analysis

    Some things sound good on paper but won’t always translate to the real world. Our feasibility and process analysis makes sure that your ideas will meet your goals.

  • 3. Competition analysis

    We look across your competition to understand what strategic angles can help you become market leaders, leaving you placed to dominate as the market grows.

  • 4. Initial requirements documentation

    When we’re ready to start a winning project, we complete a thorough analysis of what it will take to see it through. Thanks to this, you will be able to plan the project on-time and according to budget.

  • 5. High-level estimation

    Before a project starts, a solid overview is needed, which is why our team-leaders consult with developers to sketch out a high-level estimation of the work. To guarantee due diligence, we engage in an informed discussion with our clients and ensure that all objectives have been met.

  • 6. Functionality breakdown

    We’re familiar with different blockchains available on the market, and can explain and provide use cases for each. This can help you understand what aspects of a project would benefit you and what options are available for your project.

  • 7. UX & user flow development

    We consult on user interface design and advise on noteworthy industry trends so your platform is pleasant-to-look-at, easy-to-navigate, and competitive.

  • 8. Financial & tokenomics modelling

    By drawing on knowledge of existing ecosystems, we examine how a proposed token system might incentivize your users and how it can streamline your business.

  • 9. Detailed estimation

    Once we’ve discussed details and have thorough knowledge of your project, we offer a detailed estimation of cost, timescale and impact informed by our team leaders and developers.

  • 10. Project road mapping

    We work together with you to provide a detailed and time-specific roadmap to build your project on. A complete roadmap can inform your due-diligence, simplify resource allocation, and enhance your planning.

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