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IT Strategy Consulting Services

Build a better business powered by a strong IT strategy
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More than ever, productivity is about the right technology. That’s why your IT strategy is your key to growth.

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Technology makes the future possible

Success and tech go hand in hand, so your IT investments can decide your next quarter and beyond. If you’re looking to innovate, compete and excel, you need to make sure your tech is ahead of the curve.

  • Grow through tech

    Effective scaling means changing the way teams operate and reallocating resources so that you can focus on high-return investments. Popular solutions like cloud computing and emerging tech like blockchain can offer a winning strategy through innovation and efficiency.

  • Find opportunity

    Combined with your business knowledge and experience, the right technology can help you identify new opportunities and find new markets to expand to. Emerging tech can make your businesses work harder and smarter, giving you a competitive advantage in even the hardest markets.

  • Ensure ROI

    We bring practical and bold solutions to today’s problems, which translates into an improved bottom line. With a clear vision of the value that technology returns, we can deliver a lasting competitive advantage and take your IT strategy to the next level.

Services to build your next IT strategy

Our services are your gateway to an effective IT strategy. As well as general consulting, we offer software evaluation, digital strategy advice, data analysis and more. Rather than just one-size-fits-all consultants, we aim to find the missing piece of your puzzle.

Two people discussing the chart and developing an IT strategy
Two people discussing the chart and developing an IT strategy
Two people discussing the chart and developing an IT strategy
  • IT strategy consulting

    Often success relies on coordination, so our IT strategy advice delivers the big picture. After checking your aims, we build a concrete plan to get you to where you need to be.

  • Software evaluation

    Streamline your business processes with the right enterprise software. We offer a full report with software suggestions and explanations of how it will help you stay competitive.

  • Digital strategy and transformation

    Base your future strategy on specific outcomes and performance metrics, thanks to our advice. We offer a forensic strategic analysis based on real-world scenarios and thorough testing.

  • Analytics and data management

    Turn data into your direction, and build a plan that truly suits your business. With our help you can leverage and categorise vast amounts of data to guide your decision-making.

Make your IT infrastructure all it can be

We’re there for you when others fall short

With deep experience gained over the years we can help you create and execute a business strategy that fully aligns with your goals. Our IT strategy consultants will address your key business challenges and map them to technology solutions.

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    Rely on tried-and-true experience

    Having been on the market for 15+ years, we’ve gained experience in multiple business domains and industry verticals.

    • Well-rounded strategic consultants
    • Experience in delivering cutting-edge web 3.0 projects
    • Personalised service throughout the development and beyond
    • Cross-industry expertise
    • Technology-agnostic approach
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    Leverage a complete package

    Our IT strategy consultants can take care of every aspect of your business challenge, from analysing your business situation and finding gaps to delivering actionable insights and technology recommendations.

    • A full analysis of immediate needs and viable opportunities
    • Practical advice on key process improvements
    • Recommendation of technology solutions, already available or to be developed, adjusted to your budget and business goals

Our technology focus

We’re technology-agnostic and handpick individual tech packages based on your specific business case and in line with your strategic goals. Our focus includes:

  • Web and mobile

    Omnichannel sales and marketing done right can make the difference between your best year or just another year. We can deliver integrated web and app funnels that will optimise your audience conversion rate and make your marketing budget reach further than ever.

  • Blockchain

    With an adoption curve that’s faster than the early days of the internet, blockchain will soon be big news and early adopters face a bright future. Blockchain not only offers innovation but also security and reliability for your business.

  • Machine learning

    Machine learning and AI are at the forefront of tech and can help you find micro-optimizations that would have otherwise been lost. Advanced algorithms can find unique solutions and even identify problems before they take hold.

  • Data analytics

    Big data can bring certainty to any big decision, allowing you to spot the most consequential trends based on quantifiable behaviour in your industry. Analysis of large data sets can provide unrivalled analysis that’s tailor-made to your specific situation.

  • Metaverse

    Social media is stepping into web 3.0 and we can help you embrace media trends as they expand into this new dimension. New technology is making virtual environments more immersive, and as the metaverse becomes more complex, the commercial opportunities multiply.

  • AR/VR

    As new digital technology begins to supplement and visually merge with our observable world, the opportunities for marketing and social-sharing can give ambitious businesses a new platform.

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How we work with you

We want your business to grow, so our IT strategy consulting services are personal, transparent and offer concrete steps to boost your bottom line. Our method involves six important steps and leads to a more efficient business.

  • Discovery session

    All good business starts with a constructive relationship where we can set expectations, agree project scope and outline key IT strategy objectives.

  • Technical review

    We perform a full audit of your current IT strengths and weaknesses to inform an exact roadmap for the project.

  • Stakeholder consultation

    To get a holistic understanding of your needs and aspirations, we complete a round of interviews with the people who most rely on your IT system.

  • Strategic review

    We analyse your daily operations to gain a grass-roots understanding of the company and its environment.

  • Transformation recommendations

    We present our proposals in plain English to check that the plan matches your company and embodies your strategic vision.

  • Actionable report with achievable IT roadmap

    Our process will result in a clear, detailed IT strategy report. As well as actionable milestones, it will highlight key themes, provide detailed case studies and make the next steps clear.

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